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Dental implants

Dental implants represent an ideal solution for persons who are unhappy after losing one or more teeth

Srećko Srdjak, spec. parodontologije ravnatelj poliklinike

Throughout your entire treatment at the ARENA polyclinic, you are led by the renowned expert dentist Srećko Srdjak, specialist in  periodontology.

He decides on the plan and preparation of the treatment and leads every surgical procedure so that our patients are familiar with the course of the treatment.

In the myriad of dental service offers, ARENA has stepped forward and provided their patients with high quality dental service and materials up to the highest standards.

Our team of top-level specialists enjoy their job and working with their patients, as well as the supporting staff who are always at their patients’ disposal, because we want to make sure that the visit to our polyclinic is a unique and a very pleasant experience.

Please feel free to contact us and become one of our satisfied patients.

Specialist in periodontology, head of polyclinic


  • For persons unhappy with loss of one or more teeth as there is no need to prepare the neighbouring healthy and undamaged teeth.
  • For persons unhappy with their classic dentures which, in many cases, cause problems while chewing and talking and which threaten to fall out at any moment.

Why patients attend clinic ARENA as the best solution for the installation of the implant?

  • Because the implantation procedure is performed by a team of top experts, headed by a specialist oral surgeon
  • Because the implantological procedure is performed in a specially equipped surgical room and in accordance with the highest standards (ISO 9001:2015 certificate)
  • Because hundreds of implantological procedures performed and years of experience are a guarantee of safety and trust
  • Because we provide lifelong warranty for dental implants
  • Because we provide every patient with lots of care in a very comfortable environment
  • Because of recommendations of our satisfied patients from Croatia and neighbouring countries


Dental implants are a permanent solution – konce they're inserted they can last a lifetime, provided you maintain your oral hygiene and make regular dentist appointments.

There is no need to damage the neighbouring teeth – unlike with implantation of dental bridges, the dental implants require no preparation of the neighbouring teeth, which allows them to stay intact.

There is no bone resorption – if a natural tooth is missing, bone decay can occur, which can ultimately change the appearance and this can all be prevented with dental implants.

Superb appearance – considering the fact that dental implants can completely replace the natural teeth, the aesthetic level can be completely restored after losing a natural tooth.


Before planning the implementation, it is necessary to determine the state of the patient’s health in order to prevent possible complications.

Because of this, we advise our patients to report all their medical ailments to the implantology specialist. In the planning process for implantation, the first thing to do is making the 3D orthopantomograph image (CBCT). Based on the 3D image, the implantologist gains complete insight into the current situation.

Upon assessing the situation, the plan of therapy (implantation) is decided upon in cooperation with the patient and the timeframe within which the treatment needs to be performed is arranged.

The patient is advised on postoperative stage and duration of recovery.


“How much do dental implants cost?”, is a question our patients ask most frequently. We completely understand this concern.

The prices on the market can vary due to several reasons related to the prices of prosthetic works defined by the dental laboratories. It is because of this that our polyclinic has its own dental laboratory, the state-of-the-art 3D digital orthopantomograph and CBCT, which allow us to provide the complete service to our patients – all in one place and at an affordable price.

In order to further facilitate implantation to all of our patients, we have created the discount price of 540€ for implantations.

You can see other prices of our dental services in our PRICE LIST.


Implantology is a branch of dental medicine and dental  implantation is one of the most modern solutions today to take care of all types of tooth loss from missing one to tooth to losing all teeth.

The implants are specially made titanium screws which are surgically embedded into the bone of the upper and/or lower jawbone. Dental implantation is of the most modern solutions today to take care of all types of tooth loss from missing one to tooth to losing all teeth.

There are numerous types of procedures and all are individually adapted to every patient in accordance with the highest standards in the world (ISO 9001:2015 certificate) in a specially prepared surgical room, while the procedures are conducted by top specialists in oral surgery.

The implantation procedure is one of the safest procedures in the field of dentistry, with the success rate of 99%, and dental implants can last you a lifetime if oral hygiene is maintained properly.

After dental implantation, we want our patients to feel safe and satisfied, which is why we’ve made sure that every patient has continuous postoperative care and support from our physicians.

A lifelong warranty for all implantological works!

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