Covering every area of dental medicine

The professional team at ARENA clinics is led by 18 doctors of dental medicine, specialized in periodontics, oral surgery, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

prof. dr. sc.
Andrija Petar Bošnjak
dr. med. dent.

periodontal specialist

Lukas Džodan
dr. med. dent.

Filip Marijan
dr. med. dent.

Branka Horvat
dr. med. dent.

Boris Gračan
dr. med. dent.

Tomislav Radić
dr. med. dent.

Valerija Babić
dr. med. dent.

Gordana Kolačko Miter
dr. med. dent.

Bernard Hrvoj
dr. med. dent.

Ana Prkić
dr. med. dent.

Antonija Stojić
dr. med. dent.

Lovro Holjevac
dr. med. dent.

Ivor Sokolović
dr. med. dent.

Tina Rumoh Pernar
dr. med. dent.

Dr.med.dent. Stipica Balić

Stipica Balić
Dr. med. dent.

Specialist in oral surgery

Sara Kovačević
dr. med. dent.

Julijan Kralj
dr. med. dent.

Nena Matulić

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