What is oral surgery and what problems can it solve?

Oral surgery encompasses several types of surgical procedures that address a variety of conditions affecting the oral cavity, particularly those that make everyday functions difficult, such as chewing food, or those that cause intense pain.

Oral surgery most often takes place before other implant or prosthetic procedures. We conduct artificial bone implantations and wisdom tooth removals as a routine part of our day-to-day work, and they serve as starting points for us to then build top-quality implant and prosthetic solutions for your new smile.

With our surgical staff, we guarantee procedures you won’t even feel

Our expert team of experienced oral surgeons conducts every procedure with the help of local anesthetics. Regardless of the type of surgery you need, we guarantee it’ll pass extremely quickly. We’ll make sure you don’t feel any pain, and that you’re as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your procedure.

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Types of oral surgery available at Arena Dental clinic

Artificial bone implantation (augmentation)

Root end surgery (apicoectomy)

Sinus augmentation (sinus lift)

Cyst removal (cystectomy)

Wisdom tooth removal (alveolectomy or extraction)

Benefits of oral surgery at Arena Dental clinic

  • All forms of oral surgery are available in one place
  • Fast, painless procedures performed by acclaimed oral surgeons
  • Comfortable, high tech clinics equipped for all kinds of interventions
  • Surgeries performed according to the highest standards in dentistry

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