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Professional cleaning and tooth polishing

For a smile with no stains


Tooth cleaning is very important as maintaining proper oral hygiene can preserve our teeth and extended their duration.

It is commonfor pigmentation from food and drinks to linger on tooth surface and this is a major cause of pathological process and it represents an aesthetic deficiency.

The most common examples of pigmentation are found among smokers and persons drinking lots of coloured beverages like tea and coffee. They are very difficult or impossible to remove with a toothbrush. They appear as dark brown or black stains on the surface of a tooth, generally more intensively close to the gums.

The teeth become increasingly yellow, full of tartar and plaque, and this increases the number of bacteria in the mouth which represent danger for the entire organism. Tartar is represented by hard deposits on teeth which are a result of mineralization of plaque, i.e. those hard white or yellowishdeposits that occur in the place of connection of teeth and the gingiva.

They are most commonly noticeable in the inner side of lower front teeth.

During regular check-ups, the dentist can notice different states of teeth that require different professional cleaning methods.

Čišćenje zubnog kamenca


A dentist can apply the method of mechanical cleaning, by removing dental plaque from all dental surfaces, as it causes inflammation, toothaches of lower or higher intensity, gingiva recession and is aesthetically unfavourable and leads to bad breath, while special attention is given to those surfaces which the patients usually neglect during cleaning.

Professional mechanical cleaning implies selective removal of dental plaque from all surfaces of teeth, during which special attention is given to those surfaces that the patients usually neglect during cleaning.

These are typically places between teeth and the lingual surfaces of lower incisors and cuspids.

The treatmentis performed using small rotating brushes and rubber bands, scalers, scrapers etc., which are moved across the surface of the teeth to remove the deposits.

How often should you have your teeth cleaned by a dentist?

  • Patients who have no record of inflammation of gums and the periodontumshould have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year in order to maintain the health of all oral structures.
  • For patients with problematic inflammatory states of the gums, it is necessary to combine different methods of professional cleaning more often, according to their needs, in order to achieve the satisfactory level, and this level should be maintained from that point onwards.

profesionalno čišćenje zubi
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