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After the implantation procedure

In order for our patients to feel secure and satisfied

After the dental implantation, we want our patients to feel secure and satisfied. Thus, we have made sure that every patient is given continuous post-operative care and support from our physicians.

Having the support of a physician, maintaining proper care and oral hygiene are of utmost importance for the duration of implants and, thus, patient satisfaction.

Zubni implantati - metoda All-on-6
Nakon ugradnje zubnog implantata


After the implantological procedure ends, the local anaesthesia begins to wear off and we recommend taking a painkiller (Neofen forte, Ketonal, Voltaren), but NOT Andol or Aspirin as they prolong the bleeding.

Swelling may occur after the procedure. In this case, we recommend our patients to cool the swelling above the operated spot with ice in a plastic bag or cold compress during the first twelve hours after the procedure in series of 20 minutes, with ten-minute breaks.

We recommend that you do not wash your mouth throughout the entire day after implantation.

For post-operative hygiene of the wound, it is necessary to use very soft toothbrushes as well as interdental brushes with plastic-coated wires which will not harm the dental implant and to thoroughly brush the neighbouring teeth so that the wound does not get soiled.

If the bleeding stops the next day, it is necessary to rinse out the mouth every 4 days with sage tea or chlorohexidine-based mouthwash. It is recommended that you rinse out your mouth with the mentioned liquids for at least two weeks.

It is important to continue with regular and proper oral hygiene of teeth.

Postoperativna njega - lijekovi


Every patient is responsible for maintaining their oral hygiene which is determined by rules of warranty, as in most cases the duration of implants depends exclusively on good maintenance of oral hygiene.

How to take care of oral hygiene after dental implantations?

The method for maintaining oral hygiene after dental implantations is not different from normal oral hygiene of one’s own natural teeth. Within the first two weeks after the procedure, we recommend using products for professional maintenance of oral hygiene, i.e. products for post-operative care of the wound, which is something our specialists will inform you on.

Čišćenje zubnog implantata - oralna higijena
Oralna higijena zubnog implantata

What does proper maintenance of oral hygiene include?

Proper maintenance of oral hygiene includes regular toothbrushing in the morning and evening, using dental floss and mouthwash. Apart from this, it is necessary to get regular check-ups and have professional dental work done to remove dental tartar and plaque, at least twice a year.

Dental implantation is one of the safest procedures in the field of dentistry, with the success rate of 99%, and dental implants can last you a lifetime if oral hygiene is maintained properly.

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